Quick and easy to master, the Vertical Axis technique is the most effective grounding technique you will ever learn.


Quick and effective!
Simple and easy to use!


The benefits of being grounded will astound you. When you are grounded you feel calmer, less stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. You are less likely to be influenced by other people’s wills or private agendas. You feel more in control emotionally, mentally, and physically. Your meditation practice becomes deeper. Grounding using the Vertical Axis technique will help you to:


  • Make decisions more easily
  • Clear your mental chatter and still the mind
  • Manage fear
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel calm and centered


The Vertical Axis technique includes two additional bonus features:

  • Go into the Vertical Axis at a moment’s notice using just one word!
  • Use the energy of the Vertical Axis to clear your field of all negative and ungrounded energy

Start your day grounded! Stay grounded in heaven and earth!

– What survey participants are saying about the Vertical Axis Grounding Technique –

“I am grateful to Atherton for this study. I now have a great tool to manage my daily stresses.”

“The Vertical Axis has now become a healthy habit and has propelled me to begin studying Reiki.”

“The Vertical Axis is a powerful tool for peace and goodwill.”

“The Vertical Axis taught me how to meditate and it decreased my stress levels and made my life calm.”

“I will continue to use the tools provided to me as part of this study. I feel an increase in my overall purpose and satisfaction and security in life. I enjoyed the inner peace and contentment I feel.”

“I feel much lighter, brighter, and happier. I find it easier to cope with life. My dreams are very rich and informative. I am more at peace and am able to release people with ease.”

“Enhanced sense that I can be in control if needed. Provided me with security knowing that I have an effective tool that significantly helps me to feel better.”

“Mind chatter at night is all gone! Therefore, feel more rested and have noticed a difference in my ability to focus on tasks at hand.”

“After two years I have finally been able to resolve conflicts around my mother’s estate and feel motivated to deal with her belongings.”