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Atherton Drenth

19 Dec 2022

a little spark of joy

A little spark of joy

This past year has been a challenge for everyone. Coming out of the pandemic meant learning how to be around people again. Personally, it felt like I was crawling out of a dark cave and finally free to feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I could breathe again. I couldn’t spend enough time outside all summer. There was sense of urgency to feel the wind blowing on my face. The sky never looked so blue or the clouds so white. When we were out hiking, I felt a heightened sense of awareness to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. I felt a new sense of joy while swimming in the lake listening to the squeals of laughter from my grandchildren.

The pandemic forced people to slow down. It created space for introspection. Some discovered their spirituality through soul searching. Others realized that the life they were living wasn’t their truth – there had to be a better way. For others it heightened their sense of isolation and despair. The pandemic forced a deeper social change on society far more than anyone could have predicted.

My husband and I moved during the pandemic. Everything changed in our lives. The move created the opportunity to be closer our children. But the transition also forced us to leave our community. For two years we have lived in a bubble, that now feels like a surreal memory. I find myself asking, was it all just a bad dream? I can barely remember anything. All I know for sure is we are here in a new city, a new home and our only anchor is our children. We are having to start all over again.

I find myself looking for answers to what I sense and feel energetically. I feel grounded in new ways but floating in space and time, at the same time. I feel like I am straddling two different worlds. This new reality seems elusive, ethereal. During the pandemic I often sat in meditation asking my guides for clarity. Their answer was always the same. Humanity is undergoing a major shift in consciousness. I found comfort in those words even though I don’t really understand what it means long term.

The mystics and astrologers have been predicating this dramatic cosmic change in human consciousness for several years now. It has been happening in stages of course, but this past August 2022 saw a shift that brings more clarity to what has been happening over the last two years.

“There’s been a great paradigm shift since August and it involves EVERYONE taking responsibility for their own growth!” Elizabeth Peru, Astrologer1

In August of this year Peru says that the heart chakra of humanity has been pierced. It is a great awakening in humanity as people are finding their own individual voice. What a beautiful thing! What a spark of joy that is! We are shifting out of a herd mentality and exploring what it means to be empowered as individuals. We have evidence of that rising tide in the news as groups of people coming together and pushing back at archaic paradigms that no longer make sense.

For those of you who are sensitives it has been a very trying time as all these new voices have joined the psychic realm. The higher planes of consciousness have become a rather boisterous and noisy place. You may find that your sleep is irregular. You may be longing for more peace and solitude. Rest assured all of this is normal and part of the process as humanity expands to higher levels of consciousness. Be gentle with yourself. Roll with it and find what works best for you. Breathe. And most of all enjoy the holiday season. We are witnesses to one of the greatest shifts in human history. Rejoice! Be optimistic. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

1 https://elizabethperu.com

Atherton Drenth is the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy (Llewellyn Worldwide), Following Body Wisdom and the Art of Intuitive Journaling. Atherton is a Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner facilitating transformational healing for her clients. She has been extensively trained and certified as a Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner. She has been in private practice since 2000. She is also a compassionate teacher committed to helping others develop their full intuitive potential through yearly workshops. She has a private practice in Ottawa, Ontario.