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Atherton Drenth

25 August 2016

This was originally posted on the Holistic United website.

Patients who are undergoing radiation treatment for cancer can sometimes encounter side effects that medical science is unable to treat effectively. Energy medicine is sometimes able to provide pain relief that medication has been unable to alivate. This story about Iris, is reprinted with her permission. Her name and all identifying details have been altered to protect her privacy. Iris has been cancer free for over 14 years now.

Iris walked into my office holding her swollen arm at a 45-degree angle. Her arm looked like a long, overstuffed sausage and she could neither bend her arm nor lower it. She told me that she received a “radiation blast” 48 hours earlier at the site of the lumpectomy on her left breast. A blister had formed as a result of a radiation burn. Iris had not slept for 36 hours and she was in agony from the pain. With each passing hour the pain was just getting worse. “I don’t know how much more I can take,” Iris said, as she started to cry in pain and frustration. Her girlfriend suggested she try energy medicine. Iris had never heard of it but was desperate. She decided it was worth a try and called my office.

Iris had been diagnosed with breast cancer four months earlier and had undergone the recommended lumpectomy. The surgery had gone well and they had removed 10 lymph nodes. Her cancer had been classified as a grade 3 invasive, but all the edges were clean. Chemotherapy was recommended to protect against another occurrence of cancer. She had a shunt placed in the right side of her chest to receive the chemotherapy and was halfway through her treatment program when she came to see me.

Her doctor had told Iris she was “cancer free” but “just to make sure we got it all”, he recommended that she have a radiation blast at the site of the tumor. Terrified of the possibility of getting cancer again, Iris agreed. Right after the procedure Iris had an immediate reaction. Her arm started to swell and it began to develop the blister she now had. The technicians who administered the blast were shocked when they realized that they had over calculated the amount of radiation they should have used. Iris was sent home without an apology or any advice.

The blister was at least a half an inch in depth and had spread from inside her left elbow, up into her arm pit, and continued down the left side of her chest to her waist. She had been to the doctor twice since the radiation procedure and he had given her two different types of pain medication, including morphine. “But,” she explained, “It didn’t even begin to take the edge off the pain.”

As a certified medical intuitive and trained energy therapist I am able to see, sense, and feel where blocks are located in the human energy field, called an aura. The aura should flow easily around the body but can get blocked by different life experiences. These life experiences can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Energetic blocks in the aura can slow down healing or cause pain and discomfort. It is like finding a dam in the middle of a river that prevents water from flowing down the river. With energy work we intuitively find out why the block (rock) is there and then remove it. When the blocks are released it can speed up healing and relieve or reduce pain by giving the body and its energy field the freedom to do what it does naturally, heal itself.

I connected energetically to her energy field and used my intuitive training to look at the blistered area of her body. I immediately located a block in her energy field just above the burn site and heard crying coming from the emotional level of her energy field. With the crying came the sensation of the intense pain the body was experiencing at the site of the radiation blast. The sound of the crying and the intensity of the pain was almost unbearable to witness. When I asked her energy field intuitively, “Why are you crying? Why are you in pain?” Its immediate response was, “Why won’t she hold me? Why won’t Mommy hug me?” I asked Iris if she was very close to her mother, she replied, “No, I would like to be. My Mom always had issues and kept everybody at arm’s length. I had given up being close to her a long time ago.”

As I worked with her energy field at site of the radiation blast and the blister along her arm and body, I asked Iris to just think about her mother and how she wished to be held by her, loved by her, to be close to her. Iris started to cry. I reassured her to just let the tears flow while I worked with her energy field unblocking the energy. As she cried her energy field began to open up and drain, it was releasing the emotional pain of longing to be loved and held by her mother.  When her energy field had fully cleared, Iris stopped crying, totally unaware that her energy field was now flowing freely as it should. Iris looked at me and smiled. She said, “That feels so much better, I can feel the pain edging off.” She sat up. “What do we do now?” Iris asked. I said, “Well, we see what happens overnight. If you need to take pain medication that is alright. Energy work doesn’t interfere with anything else you are doing. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself. We will know by tomorrow if it has helped at all.”

Iris called me at the office the next morning, sounding very excited. She said, “Atherton, you will not believe this! The blister is totally gone! I woke up and it is gone! The swelling is gone, the blister is gone. I can move my arm.” Iris went on to explain to me that after the session she cried all the way home. She was so exhausted that she went right to bed and slept for 16 hours straight. “No pain, no medication, nothing,” she said. Iris went on to tell me that she couldn’t believe she had slept all night without any pain medication. Then she noticed as she was waking up that she could move her arm. She jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror. To her total amazement her arm was totally better. She was so shocked she got dressed and went right over to her doctor’s office to show him. “He couldn’t believe it either,” she said. “The session was so simple yet I was totally exhausted afterwards, and now it is all gone. It is all healed up.” She could not believe that something so simple could be so effective, neither could her doctor, she explained.

This is just one of many true examples of how energy work can help with the side of effects of cancer treatments. If you would like to explore the possibility of working with an energy medicine practitioner please visit our website, paradigmcentre.ca or AthertonDrenth.com. If you would like to read more fascinating articles about health and wellness, please visit their website at www.holisticunited.com