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Introducing Atherton’s Latest Book

Intuitive Dance

Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy

“Stop letting the negative voice in the back of your mind cause you stress and anxiety and start working with it to find peace and harmony. With practical exercises and easy-to-use techniques, The Intuitive Dance guides you in finding your inner calm.”

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– What others are saying about Intuitive Dance –

“It is out of the box thinking that is truly delightful and intriguing”

– Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

“I highly recommend this important book to all spiritual seekers.”

– Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of Universe trilogy

“Simple wisdom is often underrated. My advice is to grab this book and absorb it, engage with it, yes even dance with it.”

– Jeannine Wiest, CST, Holistic Coach and author of The Alchemy of Self Healing

“Creative, engaging and delightful in its simplicity, you will never look at your ego the same way again.”

– Brenda Michaels, author of The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing

“I am delighted to recommend a practical approach to understanding and using common sense to optimize your intuitive wisdom.”

– C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine.

“Drenth is a well-qualified and experienced healer who has generously compiled this book for her readers to practice energy-healing techniques at home. Any reader will take away something from this smart, direct, and extremely helpful guide.” Read full review »

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Atherton’s First Book

Following Body Wisdom

How Energy Medicine Can Help Heal

Energy work is the new buzz word in integrative health care, but have you ever wondered if Energy Work really works?

Atherton Drenth provides gems of wisdom and practical guidance to help you in your quest for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in her new book, Following Body Wisdom.

This go-to guide will help answer many questions about energy work. Find out if it can help you or someone you love by purchasing your copy today.

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– What people are saying about Following Body Wisdom –

“I have experienced this energy wisdom, in fact, with Atherton Drenth herself, and have found her book to be clearly written about a subject that is not easy to describe.”

– Mary Ann Moore, Story Circle Book Reviews (for complete review)

“A rich collection of stories of Atherton’s personal lessons and healings, as well as those of people she has helped, illustrate many of the ways healing can be helpful to you.”

– Daniel J. Benor, MD (US), author of Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release

“Following Body Wisdom is a very accessible book for anyone interested in taking control of their health. It provides valuable insights and examples of how energy work may help you achieve the level of health you desire and deserve. Atherton is a gifted healer and her efforts to bring her experiences to print will serve to enhance the lives of countless people.”

– Dr. Bruce Walton, D.C.

Following Body Wisdom is written from the heart. I found this book fascinating and honestly couldn’t put it down. It is so accessible and clearly written that I’ve already recommended it to friends and clients.”

– Shelly Timoffee, HET

“I loved it, thank you so much for this gift.  I laughed, I cried as a matter of fact, I’m still crying.  I am so grateful for Following Body Wisdom. I guess it’s just nice to know that I haven’t been crazy all my life and others will know they’re not crazy either.”

– Kim McKay

“For several years I have been a regular and very satisfied client of Atherton. Everything I read in Following Body Wisdom rings true with my experiences working with Atherton. My healing journey is reflected in many parts of the book which I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone who wants to figure out what ‘makes them tick’ and to overcome any obstacles to living a joyous, healthy life. This book is beautifully and clearly laid out and illustrated, very well written and easy to read. Bravo!”

– M Pulins

Atherton’s intuition and ability to get to “the heart of the matter” is impeccable.

– Susan

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Small Choices or Big Living

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