author atherton drenth

Atherton Drenth

25 July 2016

Have you ever wondered what energy work was? Have you ever wondered what energy medicine was? Have you ever wondered if they work and if so, how?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these question’s, then “Following Body Wisdom. How Energy Medicine Can Help Heal” can help provide the answers.

I have been in private practice since 2000 and have personally conducted over 35,000 energy-healing sessions. Drawing from this vast well of experience, and being witness to so many miracles, I felt compelled to write about how energy work can be effective. In my experience a lot of new clients never come back after their first session because they don’t understand what happened, or don’t understand how to process what happened during their session. For the most part their reactions are skepticism and disbelief. How could something so simple, be so effective, so quickly?

Following Body Wisdom” will help to satisfy your curiosity and educate you on how energy medicine can be of service to you. In the book I explain the principles of energy work, what to expect in a session, what a healing balance is, how to take care of yourself after a healing session and what to expect after the session is over. I do this by sharing the personal stories of clients who have undergone major shifts in their lives as a result of being energetically balanced using energy work techniques. Each client has graciously agreed to share their personal experiences so that others can understand and benefit from them.

In my practice I see a growing trend where people feel like they are falling through the cracks of medical diagnosis. Most of these people have developed skepticism and distrust of the medical profession because it is no longer listening to what is happening to them as a patient and an individual.  They are increasingly turning to energy work and other healing modalities as an alternative or adjunct to their allopathic medical treatments.

A client came in one day and said to me: “I don’t know what you do and I don’t care because it’s helping and I feel better. I don’t need a scientist to tell me what works for me.” When I heard this, I was totally stunned. It was so true. Every client who uses energy work says something similar. They don’t need anyone or any other system to tell them what to do. They are figuring it out for themselves and it is working. You will understand how this works as you read through this book.

My intent is to not tell you that energy medicine is the be all and end all. It isn’t. It is NOT a substitute for allopathic medicine. But it is a modality that, if understood, can help. If, after reading this book, you feel that you want to give energy medicine a try, I strongly encourage you to seek out a practitioner in your area that exemplifies what has been outlined here. If you want to further educate yourself on what energy medicine has to offer, I refer you to the Suggested Reading page for a list of additional reading and study.

The body is very wise. It knows exactly what it needs and in what order it needs it. We just have to learn how to listen. Energy work does just that. It listens to what the body needs, teaches you how to understand its language and assists the body on its unique, healing journey. Energy work is self-empowering. May it be a guide to you on your own healing journey.