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Atherton Drenth

30 November 2016

An Interview with Author Atherton Drenth
by Llewellyn Worldwide

1. Your new book is The Intuitive Dance. To what exactly does the title refer?

The Intuitive Dance: Building, Protecting, and Clearing Your Energy, is about learning how to master your ego by utilizing your innate intuitive abilities and finding your way back to inner peace and harmony. Through my work with hundreds of clients I have found that changing that inner dialogue with the ego by utilizing the spiritual practices contained in this book has reduced my client’s stress and anxiety by up to 50%. All of the techniques contained in this book are quick and easy to use. Most can be mastered in a few minutes and require less than five minutes a day. I conducted a research study, called The Three Simple Things, to confirm these findings.

I firmly believe that if everyone understood how simple it is to manage their own inner dialogue we would be a whole new society in one generation. It would make us better parents, more knowledgeable leaders, and more loving and compassionate human beings.

2. The book has three main sections: building, protecting, and clearing our energy. How is our energy so intrinsically linked to our health and well-being?

We are all made of energy. There is an energy field around everyone, called an aura. We know that auras exist because we can take pictures of them now. We also know that if the energy in our aura gets blocked it can create problems physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Understanding how we think, feel and react to events in our lives has a bigger impact on our energetic and physical health than I think we acknowledge. Our adrenal glands can be triggered into a fight or flight response just from a thought. Get triggered often enough and your energy field can get so jammed up that the physical body will begin to suffer and shut down.

Thoughts come from our ego. We spend our whole lives believing the ego is right. We think it is, we believe it is, and we are afraid it is. It is the lie that we think is the truth, which creates a lot of unfounded fear. Yet, the ego can be wrong. That’s a shock for most of us.

There is, in my experience, two types of fear. Both types of fear produce a physical reaction in the body. The first one is what I call legitimate fear. This is the fear you would experience if you were out walking in the woods and a bear suddenly came charging out of the bush and tried to attack you. Your immediate reaction is to run for your life. It is the survivor’s instinct of fight or flight. The second type of fear is what I call manufactured fear. This type of fear is created by the ego based on its interpretations of what it thinks, sees, or believes to be the truth. It is very reactive. It creates an emotional response that is not rational. I have personally conducted over 35,000 healing balances, and see proof of this every day.

Manufactured fear can be easily identified and understood when you tap into your natural innate gift—intuition. Our intuition is our soul voice—our personal truth. Learning how to listen and honor our intuition builds a bridge that we can use to overcome manufactured fear to find love, peace and inner harmony.

3. We can learn to control our internal stress and anxiety, but some outside forces cannot be controlled. How can we cope with those external stressors?

Keeping in mind that everything is energy and how it flows can have an impact on your life, there are simple and easy ways to manage so that you are not so easily triggered by external stressors.

Learning how to ground effectively helps to keep you centered so that you are less likely to be affected by other people’s personal agendas. Cutting fear cords with everyone with whom you have been in contact every day helps you to release any fear energy that you have sent out or received from others. Learning how to manage your dreamtime so that you can sleep more restfully and wake up refreshed, renewed, and restored. Clearing your home and workplace of clutter helps to clear stagnant energy so that your home feels lighter and less stressful. Learning that you can use your own energy to protect yourself from other people’s negative influences using the energetic techniques of cloaking, white light, and shielding are also very effective.

Another way of dealing with external stressors is by recognizing energy tyrants. They are the people that suck you dry and always find artful ways to emotionally manipulate you to please their own personal agendas. The Intuitive Dance also covers one of the most insidious forms of bullying: I call it emotional blackmail. Learning what is it is and how to deal with it will gift you a deeper level of personal freedom you never thought possible.

These techniques all help you to honor your own feelings and be at peace with how other people feel and react. My truth is not your truth. I don’t need to change your mind, and you don’t need to change mine. When you do that, it makes it much easier to keep things in perspective and not feel anxious and stressed out. Learning how to manage your energy and personal space helps you to be clear about your personal boundaries in loving and gentle ways. With that comes a deeper level of personal empowerment that is authentic, truthful, loving, peaceful, and secure.

4. Is everyone intuitive? Or is intuition a skill that needs to be practiced?

We are all born intuitive, but for most of us that natural innate ability is lost because it hasn’t been nurtured. Luckily, it is a skill that is easily remembered. There are quick and easy exercises that you can do to find out what your dominant intuitive skill is, understand how to use it, and how to create emotional boundaries so that you aren’t overwhelmed with the personal agendas of others.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from The Intuitive Dance?

It is my hope that readers will learn how to embrace their natural, innate intuitive abilities and then apply this new skill in their daily lives to reduce their stress and anxiety. We forget that the universe is always endeavoring to help us. Our egos don’t want us to know that. Being in touch with your intuition and practicing a few simple exercises every day to help you stay in touch with your intuition can go a long way to helping you lead a more joy-filled, peace-filled existence despite all the challenges you face in life.

Atherton Drenth’s interview is reposted with permission from The Llewellyn Journal

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