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Atherton Drenth

01 December 2019

The interviewer asked me an intriguing question. One, that quite honestly I hadn’t given much thought to over the years, despite having a career as a clairvoyant intuitive. Afterwards, when the interview was over I reflected on her question about how one goes about nurturing intuition in children. I wondered why I had never given it much thought. Then I realized it was because of the way my parents quietly nurtured my intuition. In their own way they taught me that being intuitive was as natural as breathing. They always responded to what I was seeing and sensing with curiosity and never fear.

Perhaps you are on a journey to understand and develop your intuition further. You may feel a deep desire to make it a more conscious yet natural part of your life. Maybe your awakening was easy or like most people, your awakening came as a result of a more dramatic turn of life events. If it is the latter then, in all probability the awakening has been a wee bit rocky, or a little scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

Your journey may lead you, as a parent or a grandparent to ask yourself how you can help your child also embrace their intuitive abilities so as to spare them the same impediments that you have encountered.

Newborn babyThe first step to nurturing a child’s intuition is to understand that everyone is born intuitive. Right from the moment of birth a newborn is intuition in its purest state. “It knows instinctively when it is hungry, tired, in pain, hot, cold or scared. It only knows ‘itself’ and how it feels.”[1]

The next step is to recognize how a newborn child “knows” intuitively. It is through their natural ability to see energy fields, called an aura.[2] Science “will tell you that a baby cannot see anything more than shapes and movement. Bingo. That is what an aura is.  An aura looks like a misty cloud of energy around the physical body; it flows in shapes and movements like a fog.” [3]

Understanding these two very basic, fundamental truths can help assist you in nurturing your child’s natural intuitive abilities. How?

First, accept that their ability is natural to them. By providing a safe, loving environment you are giving them permission to be comfortable with it and use it more consciously. This is no different than encouraging a young child on how to walk. Second, treat the child’s questions with curiosity and never fear. Doing so teaches the child to respond to new intuitive cues with curiously. For example, your child comes to you and says they see balls of light floating through the air. Your response could be, “How lovely. How do they make you feel?” Third, always respond to a child’s inquires to your thoughts and feelings with honesty. If you are feeling sad and they ask you about it, respond truthfully. “Yes, I am feeling sad. It has nothing to do with you but thank you for asking. Why don’t you go play.” You don’t have to tell them all the gory details. Keep it simple. Acknowledge that yes, what they are feeling is true but reinforce that it is not their responsibility to fix it. This simple interaction teaches them to trust what they are feeling and not assume responsibility for your feelings. That is called honouring.

Last but not least, teach your child that they are always in control of their intuition. When I was little, I would blurt things out all the time. It got me into trouble all the time. My mother told me that just because you know things doesn’t mean the other person wants to hear about it. I had to learn how to keep my insights to myself. And that was all right. On another occasion, when I was about four, my mother came into my bedroom late one night and asked me why I was still awake. I told her I was watching the angels dance on the ceiling. She said, “Ok, tell them to go back to heaven so you can sleep now please.” That one simple statement taught me control. When I asked the angels to leave, they left! Awesome! If I woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t like all the activity happening in my bedroom or was too tired to listen, I would say, “go away.” And they would. It was an extremely powerful lesson. Through these simple interactions at an energetic level, which I always openly shared with my mother, she taught me to trust what I was feeling, how to keep my thoughts to myself and that I was always in control of what I was sensing and feeling.

There was no drama. No long drawn out explanations. Just common sense, simple responses to a child’s experiences to the things she was seeing, sensing and experiencing. Even though she couldn’t see, sense or hear them with me at the time. And that is how, in my experience you begin to help nurture your child’s natural intuitive abilities so that they can trust them as naturally as they breath and walk.


Atherton Drenth is a clairvoyant medical intuitive and the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy, (Llewellyn Worldwide) and Following Body Wisdom. Atherton also appears in the documentary, Voyage to Betterment as one of 12 experts along with other internationally renowned physicians, researchers, and pioneers in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality.

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[1] Drenth, A. (2016). The Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications.

[2] Aura: An electromagnetic energy field around all living things. Human beings have the most complex energy field. It is perceived as alight or luminous body that moves around the physical body.

[3] Drenth, A. (2009). Following Body Wisdom. How Energy Medicine Can Help Heal. Canada: Atherton Drenth.