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Atherton Drenth

25 July 2016

Every day in my healing practice I witness healing miracles. People are under the impression that miracles are dramatic earth shattering events. In some cases, this is true but ordinary miracles do happen, every day. A miracle can be described as awareness of a simple truth. Or it can be described as how a change in attitude creates a life transformation. For example: A person feels unloved. Yet one day they are walking down the street and a complete stranger smiles at them so radiantly that their heart almost hurts and it brings them to tears. They have experienced pure love from a stranger and their heart is opened. From this point forward they become open to loving experiences. Their fear that they are not loved has been challenged and forced to see the light. From this point forward the world takes on a different perspective because they have experienced love. They will now look for love in everything they see or do – this is a miracle.

Changes in Attitude Create Transformation

Personally, for me, witnessing a change in attitude about a situation in a person’s life creates transformations or miracles of healing every day. It is an honour to be a witness to those transformations. The parent who can suddenly see that their child’s behaviour issue is not one of defiance but a food allergy – they change their child’s diet and there is their little angel – the child they always knew was in there but couldn’t find. The wife who suddenly realizes that the way her husband talks to her is inappropriate and not her fault but her husband’s illusion of how he sees his life. She discovers that she has the power to show him another way of speaking to her. Couples fall in love again. The teenager who suddenly wakes up to the fact that drugs are creating paranoia and “scary thoughts” in his head and he has the power to say, “No, I don’t want to live this way.”  He chooses to stop taking drugs and discovers he has purpose and meaning to his life and does it joyfully and with passion.

We forget so quickly how easy it is to transform our perceptions, views, beliefs, attitudes and opinions. The mother who is shown how to change her perception of her child’s behaviour; the wife who changes her attitude about her belief that she is always at fault; the teenager who changes his belief that drugs will make him happier and more at peace. These are simple changes that create dramatic transformations which in turn are life’s little every day miracles.