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Atherton Drenth

31 October 2018

In the morning when I wake up I like to take a moment to focus my mind, ground my energy, and ask Archangel Michael “What one thing do I need to know today?” The answers are brief, succinct and incredibility helpful. Its my little window into the day that I find very helpful. Sometimes however Archangel Michael likes to throw me a little curve ball just to up the ante.

Last week I got a zinger.

After a very long night of fitful sleep I was left with my thoughts spinning in despair about all the chaos in the world and I felt like, ‘what was the point of it all?’ As I laid there looking out the bedroom window at a dull, gray sky I contemplated the day ahead and could feel how heavy my heart was with sadness. The thought of staying all tucked up in a warm, cozy bed was much more enticing. “I could just lie there and watch the world go by from my bedroom window,” I thought.

Then I remembered to ask the question.

At that moment there was a bright, flash of light in my minds eye and I found myself looking at an image of this huge yellow sun sitting on the horizon. The sky shimmered with rich shades of golds, reds, pinks and orange. The earth was etched in deep hues of blues and purples. Archangel Michael asked me, “Atherton, is it a sunrise or a sunset?”

photo of a sunrise or sunset
It took my breath away. What? I thought to myself? What kind of a question was that? Is he kidding me? A sunrise or a sunset?

As I contemplated the vivid image of the sun sitting on the horizon in my minds eye the reality of what he was trying to teach me, really started to sink in.

Everyday when we wake up we have a choice on how we want to face the day. We can rise to the occasion and be the sunrise. A person filled with possibility, purpose and determination. Or we can choose to be the sunset and do what we have to do to just get through the day. Survival at best.

Take that message one step further and you get a very profound message for this particular time. Astrologically we are being told that we are again at the apex of huge shifts in consciousness. It is affecting everything and everybody. Things are going to continue to get tricky and intense. We are being asked to show up with our integrity and remember that each and everyone of us is here for a reason, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” –Marianne Williamson

Sunrise or a sunset?
You choose.

Atherton Drenth is a clairvoyant medical intuitive and the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy, (Llewellyn Worldwide) and Following Body Wisdom. Atherton also appears in the documentary, Voyage to Betterment as one of 12 experts along with other internationally renowned physicians, researchers, and pioneers in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality.