Everyone dreams when they sleep. Whether you remember them or not, you are still dreaming. When we sleep we leave our physical bodies temporarily and travel into what is called the “Astral Plane.”

Dreams are our memories of what has happened while we were in the astral plane. We know that the Astral Plane exists because the mystics have described it in detail for thousands of years.

There are two levels to the Astral Plane. There is a lower level and an upper level. In the lower level, it is where the weird and bizarre happens. Such as walking into a bar and having a drink with a talking dog and an elephant. It is also the region where we try to solve our problems or help others in need. Most people have a habit of working hard all day and then continue to work hard all night trying to solve their problems or fix the world.

The upper level, on the other hand, is where we can receive spiritual instruction and assistance if we ask for it. It is in the upper region that we can receive help and directions from God, ascended masters or our guides.

How do you know where you are going in the dreamtime? If you are waking up every morning exhausted, angry, or frustrated then chances you are hanging out on the lower levels of the astral plane. People who are particularly empathic have a tendency to hang out on the lower astral plane which makes dealing with their stress and anxiety that much more difficult because they don’t know how to give themselves a break.

Giving yourself permission to travel to the upper regions of the astral plane is an opportunity for you to not only receive spiritual instruction but to also give your physical body a chance to be restored physically, mentally and emotionally.