Everything is made of energy. We know that if you have two tuning forks and tap one the other tuning fork will begin to sing on it own. We have an energy body called an aura. It is egg-shaped and it radiated about 8 – 20 feet out from the body. We know that it exists now because we can take pictures of them. When we are around other people, we bump into their energy fields or aura, whether we are aware of if or not. When energy fields touch there can be an energy transfer. If you take two balloons and rub them together, they create a type of static that causes them to stick together. The same thing can happen when two people are together and there is some form of unrest, a difference of opinion or conflict. You can develop what are called “fear cords” with that person.

“Fear cords can be found anywhere on the body, front and back. They can be created between anyone you are in contact with. Whether it be in person, on the phone, over the internet or even as simple as thinking angry or fearful thoughts about someone. They are an energetic nuisance, are easily made and can be incredibly disruptive. Thankfully they are easy to remove! A build-up of fear cords that are filled with fear or negative ego intents can be a major cause of stress, burn out and chronic fatigue. Doing fear cord removals on a daily basis goes a long, long way to clearing energetic pathways that can block the path back to a place of love and harmony.[1]

To cut fear cords I like to work with Archangel Michael but you can choose any Archangel if you like. You can also work with Jesus, Mother Mary or Buddha. It is just a matter of who you feel the most energetically connected to.

When you do the Fear Cord Cutting procedure there is one thing you need to remember and that is only fear cords can be cut. Angels cannot and will not remove love. For this reason, you want to be very clear about removing fear cords from EVERYBODY, including those you love and hold dear. Those love attachments will not be affected in any way. Angels only remove the fear energy.

This particular fear cord-cutting exercise is very powerful and easy to use. I recommend that it be done on a daily basis as a form of good energetic hygiene. You brush your hair, brush your teeth, and cut cords with everyone you have been in contact with on that day.

When you work with Archangel Michael to do the fear cord-cutting, he will use a great big sword that sparkles with a translucent, blue light.  I find that as he passes his sword through my field it sounds like a light sabre from Star Wars. After he is done say thank you or amen. You will feel much lighter and happier afterwards.

[1] From The Intuitive Dance by Atherton Drenth. © 2016 by Atherton Drenth. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., www.Llewellyn.com