“A research study was conducted with 30 volunteers over a 40-day period. Everyone was amazed by the results. The study proved that doing these three simple things resulted a 10% – 50% improvement in how volunteers handled stress and anxiety. They felt calmer and more peaceful. They found that they were making more positive choices and had a stronger sense of purpose. Volunteers reported how surprised they were that these three simple things could make such a difference to the their sense of happiness and well-being.”

Through our research we were able to prove that doing these three simple things could help people take control of how to manage their ego’s emotional reactions to events and develop more appropriate strategy’s to deal with their stress and anxiety. Volunteers reported that they slept better, improved their diets, and where able to identify when they were reacting to other people’s emotions. They felt more relaxed, happier and content.”[1]

[1] From The Intuitive Dance by Atherton Drenth. © 2016 by Atherton Drenth. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., www.Llewellyn.com