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Atherton Drenth

5 March 2018

Have you been feeling it? This sense of emotional confusion that comes out of nowhere and makes you feel like you just can’t go on? Doesn’t it just feel like you are climbing up and down a mountain of emotions that leave you feeling fear-filled one moment and completely elated the next? The last few weeks have been rough for everyone, I think. Elizabeth Peru, an astrologist, referred to it as “reaching a breaking point.” I completely agree.

In the Buddhist teachings they talk about the path to enlightenment and how every soul is looking for their way back to God or Universal source. We all choose a different path on how we get there but eventually we all go to the top.

It is in these moments of emotional struggle that we are at our greatest moment of clarity. That can be hard to hear. Especially when you are in the throes of emotional angst. But emotional clarity only comes when you are at your breaking point. It can be subtle, or it can be dramatic.

The best way to handle this shift in emotional consciousness is to take a breath and identify exactly what you are feeling. Next decide what you need and what do you want to do about it. Don’t be afraid to look at what isn’t serving you anymore. It takes courage and determination to change.

Right now, that same shift in emotional consciousness is happening at a global level. We are watching it play out in the media every day. The teenagers that survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida looked right into the camera and told the nation that we are the adults and it is time we started acting like it. That was a call to action if I ever heard one.

We are all connected. What is happening on the international stage is, in my mind, a very large representation of what is happening to each of us on a smaller scale. We are being called to action – to honour what we need, decide what is right, what is compassionate, honest and truthful. We are being reminded to have a heart.

That journey up the mountain can be tough, but you are not alone. We all doing it. We are all connected. Globally and individually we are all reaching a breaking point. Now we have to decide what to do about it. Individually and together.



Atherton Drenth is the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy, (Llewellyn Worldwide) and Following Body Wisdom. Atherton also appears in the documentary, Voyage to Betterment as one of 12 experts along with other internationally renowned physicians,