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Atherton Drenth

22 July 2016

Energy work releases blocked energy that, if left unchecked, can eventually manifest in physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms. Most healers or energy workers can see energy fields, called auras, around all living things. They can examine auras in the client’s field and see where the blocks are. They then work with the client to find out why the block is there and help them to release the blockage. That is energy work in a nutshell.

Energy work can be very subtle or it can be very dramatic. Sometimes it is so subtle that during a session you may not feel anything at all. At the end of the session you may have the impression that it was the “weirdest thing I have ever done in my life” yet in a day or two you suddenly notice that there has been a shift and you feel better somehow. Clients who have this experience make comments like: “I felt lighter, happier, more peaceful.” For some clients the session can result in feeling hot, cold, tingling all over, or they may feel their body is draining, releasing or that something is popping and letting go. The client can feel like their body is so heavy that they can’t lift it off the table or they may feel so light they think they are going to float away. The sensations can also feel like gas moving through the abdomen or an organ can feel like it’s quivering. Symptoms can also automatically change; for instance, pain stops, headaches disappear or cramping is no longer present. In the most dramatic cases clients begin to cry or feel angry and want to yell and thrash.

All of these reactions during and after a session are perfectly normal yet sometimes can be frightening because they have never been experienced before.  The important thing is to understand that these are all normal indications that the energy is releasing and to allow the body to express this release. When you do this, it is called trusting the process. When you listen to your innate body wisdom and trust the healing process you will know soon enough if energy work is being of service to you. Most people know within four or five sessions if continuing with energy work is the right path for them. This does not necessarily mean that the problem will be resolved but you will begin to understand how energy work can be of service to you on your own healing journey back to wellness.


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