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Atherton Drenth

28 Sept 2023

when trees speak to us

I had the most fascinating thing happen to me the other day. Our neighbour, who lives across the street, had to have the majestic old pine tree on his front lawn, cut down. The tree was quite ancient. Standing over sixty feet tall she was one of the few remaining trees left from the old-growth forest that once stood here before the new subdivision was built over forty years ago. She stood like a grand old queen at the entrance to our street. I always felt like she was holding court purveying all who entered her dominion. On either side of her stately trunk stood two young red maple trees planted shortly after our neighbour’s house had been built.

Like courtiers, each maple tree majestically held their post on either side of the Queen’s rooted throne. The trio were guardians of the gate. Overseeing all who entered our little crescent becoming silent stewards of the neighbourhood.

The grand old pine tree wasn’t doing well and needed to come down. I spent all morning in my office listening to the drone of chain saws and root grinders outside my window as they removed all traces of her existence. Later in the day, after I returned from appointments I looked over at the empty corner of the street as I parked my car in the driveway. Every memory of her was gone. I turned off the engine and paused for a brief moment to stare at the void left behind. Looking at the patch of brown earth it felt like I was looking at a newly dug grave waiting for the marker to be placed.

As I sat there, staring at the emptiness across the street, I was suddenly aware of a translucent wave of energy rolling out from the trees across the street towards me. Mesmerized I watched as the rippling waves rolled toward me. When the wave of energy finally washed over me, I was immersed in such deep sadness and grief. I felt like I had suddenly stepped out of time and was being allowed to witness something precious. Tears welled up in my eyes at all the sensations I was feeling.

The moment was profound. I had never felt or witnessed anything like this before. I became keenly aware of how the two remaining maple trees were crying at the loss of their old friend. The queen was gone. It was at that moment that I became conscious of how deeply connected the three trees had become over the years. I sensed how all the trees in our neighbourhood had grown up under the old pine trees watchful eye and tutelage. Now the mother – teacher was gone. Wiped from the face of the earth with only her students to remember and honour her as the bill was paid and the trucks drove away. My heart swelled open. Nature had invited me to a funeral for the tree.

I sat there for the longest time. Feeling. Immersing myself in the experience of what was being shared with me. I held space. I honoured their grief. I sent thoughts of love and support. I felt like an honoured guest invited to witness a private and sacred event. As I said my silent prayers of love and gratitude, I could feel the essence of the trees turning their faces toward me graciously nodding in appreciation and acknowledgment of my presence.

The entire experience reminded me of a fascinating exercise I learned years ago on a training course I attended with Doreen Virtue in Glastonbury, England. One day all 250 attendees at the conference were treated to a trip to Stonehenge. Doreen had been able to make arrangements for our group to be given a tour by the local Druids. During the tour our Druid guides explained the history and mysteries of the stones. It was fascinating and we were all enthralled at the wisdom they shared with us. After the tour we were granted the rare honour of being allowed to step over the barriers and spend time in meditation with the stones. We were instructed to choose a stone, sit down with our backs to it and meditate.

As I sat in meditation, I felt my energy being drawn back into the stone. I could hear a drum beating and I realized I was hearing the heartbeat of the Earth Mother. I could feel the love and tenderness of her embrace as my heart began to beat in unison with her.

Afterwards everyone remarked how they felt they had been transformed by their experience. Many had had the same experience as I had where their hearts started to beat in unison Gaia. Sitting there engaged with the energy from the trees I was reminded of the importance of what I had learned so many years ago.

When I walk through my neighbourhood now, I remind myself to tune in and listen to conversation in the trees, to take off my shoes and feel the warmth of the earth and try to feel her heartbeat once again. It reminds me of how we all connected through that heartbeat.

I invite you to try connecting to nature and open yourself up to hear or experience the spirit of the forest or to feel the heartbeat of Gaia. The next time you go for a walk sit on a rock or find a nice piece of grass and take a few minutes to meditate there. Ask nature or fairies or an elf to send you a message, a sign or whisper in your ear. Take your journal with you and write down your experience. Allow yourself to remember how we are all connected. It is really quite magical.

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Atherton Drenth is the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy (Llewellyn Worldwide), Following Body Wisdom and the Art of Intuitive Journaling. Atherton is a Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner facilitating transformational healing for her clients. She has been extensively trained and certified as a Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner. She has been in private practice since 2000. She is also a compassionate teacher committed to helping others develop their full intuitive potential through yearly workshops. She has a private practice in Ottawa, Ontario.